“Utah! Get Me Two!” This is Wild Grape


Okay, it is Utah. Salt Lake City. We all have our own misconceptions. Strange liquor laws. Not to mention any other oddities that we may perceive about this holy land. But it is a beautiful place. It’s about 30 something degrees when I landed this week. The bright sun soaked the snow laden land. There is a thing called an “Inversion” going on as well.  Which is a new meteorological term for me. Pollution meets cold air, high pressure system, snow and a still wind. The bowl of the area holds it all in. Very strange. Like being in LA in bad smog conditions. Learn more here as I had to:

As usual, I take a local paper and go to Google and see what this land would commemorate as the best. Contrary to what is perceived,  this area has a lot to offer. It’s progressing. No more licenses to drink. Yes, most times you need to order food of some kind to drink. Yes, pours on hard alcohol are controlled. Locally brewed beer can have their pure alcohol content versus buying a Budweiser bottle etc. I am sure I am paraphrasing incorrectly but I am learning as I go.

Anyways! Onto our Bloody Mary review of The Wild Grape. As Gary Busey said in Point Break…”Utah! Get me two.”  I entered this joint at a weird time of day as it was after a meeting and before my flight home. It was slightly empty but intriguing. This place is located in between the downtown area and University of Utah. Gastropub, industrial unfinished interior. Friendly vibe and good tunes.

My server walked over to me at the reclaimed wood bar top and I told him I had heard they had a great Bloody Mary. He agreed and poured me a flavorful treat. Truly, it was simple. Small glass with a salt and paprika laced rim. The Habenero infused vodka was hot on my lips and the homemade mix had hints of spice and smoke. The simple and complementary garnishes we adorned atop the drink: Gerkins, an olive and lemon. Nuff said. Simple. Right on point.

I needed to order food with this culinary concoction. I was delighted by their Spicy Grape Jam and Prosciutto Flatbread. WOW. We need this is California. It’s a Flatbread  Pizza with a sweet and spicy Jam with sprinkles of crispy Prosciutto, topped with smoked Provolone and Bleu Cheese crumbles with an Arugula and Radish salad in the middle. Why didn’t I take a picture of this? Because I devoured it. WOW!

You have to appreciate the simple things you stumble upon when searching for a great Bloody Mary. Thank you, Utah! That was wonderful!