San Francisco

To Market, To Market, To Market We Go: The Market Bar SF

There are many choices in San Francisco and have yet to be explored. I had a meeting in the city and was down by the Ferry Building.  I was not in great proximity to Zeitgeist which is supposed to be the best in the city. I did find my way to the Market Bar.

The historic Ferry Building is a great place to stroll through and explore different foods. Market Bar is no exception. This is more upscale than this Dive Diva would normally partake in but it offered a relaxed atmosphere in which I could jam out on some work.

The spiced up Bloody Mary has some notes of great flavor at this American Brasserie. Smoked Sea Salt clings to the rim of the glass and adds extra flavor to the drink itself. There is a fair amount of Horseradish which is usually my Kryptonite but was not objectionable. They add their own spice concoction which is a Vinegar blend of peppery spices for which I am still dissecting. I think there is Worcestershire in it as well. The Spice Seeker in me was really intrigued. Secret recipe of course.


Overall, the Bloody Mary was standard. I like some of the enhancements but really thought it would be a better presentation. Served in a shorty glass and garnished with a Lime. This is a destination location and thought it would be more remarkable I guess. They had some other interesting fusion cocktails that would entice me for Happy Hour but I would not make my way back for their Bloody Mary. Worth a try, not a second round.