Las Vegas

Bloody Mary Search Back On! 

It’s been awhile since I have posted due to a variety of reasons that are not that good. Hopefully you have been following me on Twitter and Instagram to keep up with my adventures! Here is a quick run through of a few places I have been.

Anvil Pub Dallas….mediocre at best. They are supposed to have an over the top selection on weekends but won’t serve during the week. That was a disappointment and this mix was too. Just Zing Zang in a glass.  #bloodymary #bloodymarydallas

Gladstones #legendarymary #longbeach #bloodymary Add a side of their Steamers and enjoy a great view! A #bloodymary that drinks like a meal!

When you are wined out in wine country you need to head to The Market in Yountville, CA and get some excellent fish tacos and #bloodymary #bloodymarynapa
The 20 Minute #bloodymary at Murphy’s in Sonoma Square. Get a pint while you wait for this massive Mary. Add a plate on the side to Noah on the Bacon, Fried Pickles, Hamburger Slider, Cucumber and Olives. It is a spicy, briney concoction with a Guiness floater on top. #bestbloodymarysonoma

In OC their are many claims to fame as the best Bloody Mary but Reunion comes very close! The Jalepeno Popper maybe the reason I liked this so much. #bestbloodymaryoc #orangecountybloodymary #bloodymary

Todd English Build Your Own Bloody Mary in Las Vegas. What makes this special? The huge menu and how quickly you can escalate the cost of your drink. But who can resist Lobster. #bestbloodymarylasvegas #bloodymary

My new favorite Brewery and they make a stellar #bloodymarymix. Head to SD and taste their amazing selection of brews. Especially their Salt and Peppa which is great as a Michelada. I am so so excited they are opening a joint in Long Beach as I will be a regular. And stocking up on this mix. #bestbloodymarymix #bloodymary #bestbloodymarysandiego

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I Speak Devil. Habla Diablo.

I started this journey after a lifetime of drinking and searching the best Bloody Mary. The journey continues and I now find myself not only drinking them but writing about them. While I am pretty new to the blogging world I have had the great opportunity to find and follow new friends who share the same passion and are on the same journey. Who knew!? This really is an enjoyable experience and the connections have allowed me to learn from others, get recommendations, gain invitations to connect in person in different cities and to have the opportunity to try new mixes that are coming to the market.

During the kick off to March Madness I was hanging with friends at the Monte Carlo “The Pub” and was on an all you can eat and drink bender….and so were 10,000 other friends. While I do not expect much from all you can drink and eat I at least expect a Bloody Mary Mix to stand tall in Las Vegas. Sadly, it was quite deficient. C’est la vie…Keep Calm and Drink On. Nothing is going to bring me down. No, not even my disappointment in The Pub. Usually, they have a Build Your Own Bloody Mary Bar during the Football Season and it is pretty epic. Great build your flavors and garnishes that are a meal in itself. Prosciutto, Beef Straws, Cornichons, Green Beans, Bleu Cheese, various stuffed Olives etc. So, I cannot tear them apart for this poorly made Tomato and Vodka concoction.

What I was most excited about in Las Vegas was the fact that I made another connection! Another devoted Bloody Mary connoisseur. Habla Diablo®  reached out to me on Twitter @Habla_Diablo and invited me to come on over and try their restaurant Egg Works where they have tested, perfected and now offering in stores.

“Habla Diablo® is a product line of EW Live® developed by Egg Works™ Restaurant Group with the key adage, We Make Heat Taste Great™!  Anyone can make something taste hot but can you make it taste flavorful?  That has been our goal since day 1 at Habla Diablo®.  Habla Diablo® products are produced in California and derived from the freshest most high quality ingredients.  Whatever your vice may be, whether it be Bloody Mary’s or Micheladas, or even flavorful Spices to bring out the best in home cooking Habla Diablo® has your fix!”

Born in Las Vegas at Egg Works

Born in Las Vegas at Egg Works

You can imagine my glee that I made a connection and they want me to come and try their Bloody Mary. Alright, alright, alright! Sadly, our schedules did not align and we could not make the connection while I was in Vegas. However, Habla Diablo did one better. They shipped me their mix to try it out!

One weekend my friends and I headed to Sonoma for a weekend where I am the Chief Bloody Mary Officer. I believe that half of their refrigerator at the Wine House is filled with my ingredients for Darcey’s Ultimate Bloody Mary Morning After Wine Tasting Mix. Say that one three times fast. I was excited that this round I would be able to whip out the Habla Diablo and have a taste testing for kick off of a long wine tasting day. I left in its purity as I normally take a mix and make it my own. Only adding some fancy garnishes like Bacon, Jalapeno Stuffed Olives, Cocktail Onions etc.

photo 2 (3)

Time to taste! Cheers!! Here is my take on it. Habla Diablo, I had an expectation that this would be a BAM experience in which the spice levels would be armed and ready for consumption. The heat was lacking. UGH! What a bummer. It really has a great flavor profile but it was not speaking Devil at all. Now, I have been told that my palette for spice is unique and borderline abusive in comparison to most so I am glad that I had my other taste testers who are not of the same cloth when it comes to hot and spicy. They, too, agreed that there was a hint of spice but it was not spicy enough. I think the mix would be AWESOME for Michelada’s for sure but a Master Mary Drinker would need to have their Habla Diablo Sauce or Seasonings to kick it up a notch.

You can try this product out yourself! When in Las Vegas you must make a trip to Egg Works and take a sip yourself and check out their food. Or you can go to their website and order your own! Let me know what you think of this new mix.

Thank you Habla Diablo for the opportunity to not only try but drink the entire sample with my best buds to share this experience. I hope next time when in Vegas we can finally meet in person and share a Mary together!


Viva Hash House A Go Go

Conventions and conferences. Mere reasons to write off a business trip and become consumed with a few hours of networking, smidge of learning and staying up all night acting like you have to do everything in Vegas before you leave. This is where you take clients out to the hot clubs and get table service, dine at beautiful restaurants and act like a glutton. All to entertain and give back to your customers and allow yourself to indulge.

The BLT HH Mary

The BLT HH Mary

I know there are many choices for  a great Bloody Mary in Vegas. I mean it should be a law of Vegas that you cannot serve a bad Bloody Mary. Like a Nevada Gaming Law. If you are going to keep me up all night and drink to excess I do require you to serve me a rejuvenating “hair of the dog” Bloody Mary.

I had popped into Gordon Ramsey’s new place at Caesar’s called Pub & Grille with a couple of co-workers and was delighted by their mix. Simple flavors but balanced with Worcestershire and fresh tomato juice and spices. Added bonus was the friendly service and comfortable atmosphere.  Go  check it out if you haven’t been there.

The real destination was to get over to Hash House A-Go-Go as I have seen it on several travel shows. They serve up a BLT Bloody Mary. Just as it sounds it is a slice of bacon, a slice of tomato, a piece of Romaine lettuce and  toast all served in the glass rimmed with bacon salt. A balanced mix accompanies this meal, I mean drink. Hints of jalapeno infused into the tomato juice. Not too much spice to knock your socks off. It was definitely balanced and well worth the search  inside The Quad. (It is NOT easy to find. It is hidden inside The Quad which is a really odd place. Really. Odd.)

The food here is pretty epic. Corned beef hash served in a monstrous skillet. Pancakes the size of a small child.  Chicken and waffles with a sprig of Rosemary. You have to go here to experience the food and be sure to check out the BLT Mary.

More from Vegas later on in the blog!