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Hunting in Huntington Beach for the Best Bloody Mary and Celebrities

The scene is Southern California. A warm Spring day on the eve of a Marketing Conference. What do you do? Grab your friends, find a Bloody Mary, hit the beach, drive down the coast and make it a Sunday Funday.

I went to my usual search of Bloody Mary’s and through the assistance of Yelp I found a new place that opened on 39. Mamma’s On 39. Being a former SoCal gal I was excited to see a new place off the beaten path of Main Street in Huntington Beach. The reviews looked great and there was a good amount of chatter about their mondo Bloody Mary.

The joint was packed! Looks like this is the place to be for Brunch. Breakfast pizza, Chicken and Waffles, homemade Mac N’ Cheese, Beer Can Chicken….so much good stuff. Comfort food from who else….Mamma!

Then, there is the Mamma Mary! And what a Mamma it is! A Mason Jar filled with a housemade BM mix that is infused with Jalapeno, dashes of Horseradish, Black Pepper, Garlic, hints of Olive Juice, Sriracha and a blend of multiple Veggies. Pickled garnishes make their splash and complement the BM. Pickle, Celery, a slice of Red Pepper and pickled Green Beans (homemade, of course). Great flavors and I do enjoy them garnishes. My only wish was that it was a little spicier, bolder in flavor as it was good but needed a punch. Kick it up a notch, Mamma! I also saw that they make their own infused Sriracha Vodka. Our waitress did not alert us of this but I will try it next time I am in town. Overall I was pleased and it was an Ultimate Mary that was priced right. Only $10.39. Usually, the mark-up on a Bloody Mary are extraordinary.

Mamma's Bloody Mary

Now, let’s talk about the food. It was fabulous. Everything that was brought out of the kitchen next to us made me drool like a fool. The menu is extensive with the large portions. This is a Sunday Hair of the Dog destination to get your spirits restored and a perfect start to some day drinking.  For your non-Mary friends (and let’s face it…you shouldn’t have these kind of folks in your company) there are Bottomless Mimosa’s.

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This kicked off our Sunday Funday as we then decided to act like we were the Real Housewives and headed to Javier’s for some Margarita’s and Ceviche. Luckily enough, we were treated to a Housewife sighting….Shannon Beadour and her family. Then we had the ultimate sighting….as we were slugging down spicy Margarita’s and stuffing Guacamole in our face… it happened. Whisping by our table was none other than Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart. Not even joking. Hands down this is a bragging moment in the blog as it has NOTHING to do with a Bloody Mary but, man, that was a moment. She was absolutely gorgeous and we were gobsmacked that she was there in our midst.

We then traversed back to our hotel all giddy about our celebrity sightings and decided to pop into the Red Chair Lounge at the Hyatt Regency Long Beach. Only to run into Cougar Town’s own Brian Voln Holt who was staying over after a charity event. He was a real down to Earth Dude and we all ended up chatting with him for quite some time. Of course we asked him if they really drink wine on the show. You can guess at the answer. I will say it was very strange to speak with him without the heavy Southern accent he uses for his character. He commented that he is from the South….Southern Cal that is.  It was a very cool moment to have met he and his beautiful girlfriend. I made sure to grab a photo with him.

We ended our Sunday Funday and headed to the fire pits to retell the adventures of our day with our other friends. I think it was all due to a good start to the day with a good Bloody Mary. Thank you, Mamma!

Cougar Town

A perfect end to a perfect Sunday Funday.

Hyatt Huntington Beach

Hyatt Huntington Beach