Space City: Out of this World Mary

The Energy Capital. The Space City. The Bayou City. Whichever name it is called it will soon be named a city that has a killer Bloody Mary. It can be found in a land where people carry buckets of beer so they do not have to go back to the bar and found wearing belt buckles bigger than a small dog and cowboy hats that are not an accessory but a part of your outfit like wearing shoes.

I have never been to Houston and it will be a long  time before I come back as this was a layover kind of situation. Land, meetings, lunch, meetings and out.  I found this in a fluke as I was driving by and saw this rustic exterior restaurant with a large outdoor bar/patio. So it was inviting. All I needed at this point was a nosh and place to sit and catch up on emails. Here we find Brick House Tavern. http://brickhousetavernandtap.com/

When I walk in I can tell you that I was jealous at 1st blush. It’s a large Sports Bar/Restaurant with an enormous amount of booth seating with individual TV’s, lounge chairs to sink into, large screens everywhere and the bar has an open feel where you can sit inside and outside.  This is something I would love on a Saturday or Sunday. A great sports venue. Which is lacking here in Silicon Valley. #jealous

I sit down and gaze upon the menu and what do these wee eyes see…..there was an Ultimate Bloody Mary on the menu. Giddy up! Kind of a secret menu item. This is a Guinness Bloody Mary Mix. The right balance of garlic, spice, a pull of Guinness, no horseradish and donned with some fun toppings. A deviled egg with bacon (Yes, please!!), celery, a piece of white cheddar, salami, olive and accompanied by a spiced pork rind rim. Yes, that is true and what a great add of flavor it brings! I filled up too much on this delight. The food here looks like an upgraded Pub Menu with a hint of culinary fanciness. I really liked the place and hope they continue their expansion as we need something more than Buffalo Wild Wings to go to.

Next time you are in Houston off the 249…….

Ultimate Southern Bloody Mary

Ultimate Southern Bloody Mary

I am somewhat bummed that I didn’t do more research for this area. As I think there are plenty of recipes to try all around town. Have you tried one in H-Town that you would recommend?