Breakfast of Champions…Belushi-esque at Boon Fly


When in the wine country you may think all things are grapes and vines and great food. Not so fast my friend. There is a lot more to offer in the Wine Country. Sure, we have amazing culinary experiences like French Laundry and we have fine wine like Opus One. Me, I like to find extraordinary places at prices that won’t make me feel like I was shook down by Jimmy in Good Fellas. Like Gotts or Juanita Juanita in Sonoma or Cafe Citti. Simple places with great flavors and great overall experience. And then find ourselves at Boon Fly.

We had an industry conference in Napa in January 2013 and one of my very best friends Carie had found this place and she knew it would be a hit for me. We headed over to Boon Fly Cafe. This is located at the Carneros Inn which is an especially stunning resort that is like no other as they were old trailer like cottages that had been renovated into something that looks like high end resort found in Travel and Leisure. That description really doesn’t give it justice. Check this link out.

Boon Fly serves up some amazing culinary delights (try the Eggs Benedict and have your mind blown) but for our purposes we focus on their spicy Bloody Mary with bacon and a side of soft warm sugary donuts that are served fresh in a metal pail. You cannot eat just one or sip on just one Bloody Mary. I always feel that savory and sweet is always a way to go in life. The spicy mix of the Mary, the salty fried bacon garnish and the sugary donut delights are exceptional (which reminded me of my childhood when we would go to the Apple Haus in Long Grove, IL). Hey, it may not be the best way to start your diet for the day but you are in Napa. It’s the exception to the rule.

The mix is well balanced. There are hints of jalapeno found in this Bloody Mary mix which is always a welcomed surprise. For the faint of heart the spice may be overwhelming but not for this spice thrill seeker. Goldie Locks found this one to be just right.

When you need a break from the vine and want something savory and sweet at a rustic foodie place…head to Boon Fly.