Tomato, Clamato…… Mile High Treats

Ok, I admit it.  I have never EVER been a fan of Clamato. I am not even sure why it does not appeal to me. I love Tomato juice and I love Clams and cook with Clam juice in a variety of recipes. Why would this be revolting to me? Perhaps, it was some bad college experience that is still hanging on like bad hangover that makes your swear off the devilish drink that made you ill for the rest of your life. (Amaretto Stone Sours….Oh, God. Even typing it makes me gag.)

I digress. So, this particular trip was filled with lovely delays due to Spring Break, “First Time Fliers” and Tornadoes. I began my Sunday Funday by saddling up to the  Gordon Biersch bar at LAX which was the only bar available during construction. Yes, I know the Home Turf or Rounding First is open but that is a massive traffic jam that would make your 405 commute look weak. I took my 90 minute delay and bellied up to the bar for their new Siracha and Chipotle Bloody Mary. I have to say that a double for $13.99 was surprising but the effort in making a unique mix for travelers was a welcomed surprise.

I get on my flight to Denver and met a wonderful slumber as I slept most of the way. Yes, it may be due to the doubles I was drinking at LAX. What else would you have me do on a Sunday traveling for work, exercise sobriety? Oh, no.

Denver’s airspace wakes me up with a rock and a roll. I do not think there is any time of year that this landing is not reminiscent of a roller coaster and met with a shimmy and a shake. I am glad to be on the ground. I have time to kill as I wait for my friend to arrive I head over to Root Down. You are missing out if you haven’t been to Root Down in Terminal C or their main location in downtown.  The scene is perfectly decorated to make it feel like you are at a real restaurant and not some asylum like airport bar. Ok, I am exaggerating…slightly.  Root Down is thoughtfully decorated with old suitcases as your seating area that is open under glass and is packed like the character of the traveler who used them. The bar area shelves are also filled with the old American Tourister square small briefcase luggage people used to use. Unlike today’s giant fifty pound bags that can cripple anyone it nears.  Then the main dining area is donned with two dozen or so Earth globes that are hanging from the ceiling in a cluster. As I said it was a thoughtful design which was accompanied by a thoughtful Siracha Green Onion Bloody Mary. UNDER $10!!! It’s so good that you could just sit and sip on it all day. The flavors are garden fresh and a beautiful medley of flavors. It wasn’t a Major Peter’s or Tabasco brand mix thrown in a glass with a double shot of Vodka for $2 more.


Root Down Bloody Mary: Best in Show for Airport Bars

Root Down Bloody Mary: Best in Show for Airport Bars

Then, we headed to our downtown hotel. The Curtis is a playful redeveloped property by Double Tree that plays to our fun side and child side. There is so much imagery to take in from the TV Robots, the Willy Wonka hospitality bar in lieu of your normal run of the mill hospitality corner, the K-9 Crew A-Frame and the retro orange decor. Each floor is themed to different pop culture genres. This time we stayed on the Chick Flick Floor. (I have been on TV Land and Rocky before and the 1st floor whistles “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” to send you on your way). It’s clever, unique and I love it.

The Corner Office is also located here which is supposed to serve a great Bloody Mary bar. It is on my list and I suggest you add it just as well. I am never here for Brunch and do not recommend ordering a made to order one as it was so disappointing and lacked any luster as their famed bar.

That is not what I am here to review as it is painfully obvious to you now. It is the Bloody Caesar at The Oceanaire. My travel buddy and I zeroed in on it and agreed we had to try when we arrived. Come on, for $12 you get a giant Tiger Prawn clinging to the side of your drink. Who can resist that kind of garnish? Now, here is the wrinkle. I am not a Clamato fan but have seen more and more Instagram posts of this Cousin to the Bloody Mary. I felt obligated to expand my experiences of all drinks spicy and make the dive. Out came this beautiful presentation and the taste was something I can push past my bad experiences. The spice level was right on and tasted like there were hints of Garlic and Siracha. The Clamato was somewhat masked by the mix of flavors but you could joyfully taste the Clam juice in a layer of flavor without that of a punch in the mouth on its own.  It was a welcomed surprise for sure and a delicious one. I think the combo of flavors enhanced the overall taste and no one flavor over powered the other. The one ingredient they were out of for the recipe was Absolut Peppar and they subbed it with plain Absolut. For which, I was grateful for as I am not a fan of the Absolut Peppar at all. They were obviously good as we slugged both down before the $1 Oysters were served. Oysters and Bloodies…..a match made in heaven if you ask me. Until we were served the Smoked Caviar and Caper Deviled Eggs which would have made an excellent choice as a garnish for these Bloody Caesars. To Die For!!!!

Oceanaire Bloody Caesar

Another note to add and be stoked for is the fact that they have Happy Hour at the Bar from Open to Close. Small plates and drinks are all featured and nothing shabby! We ended up just having a sampler of goodies to appease our appetite.  Fish Tacos, Mussels, Deviled Eggs and so on. Be sure to try the Ahi Poke and the Salmon Crudo off the main menu. You are welcome. Umami!

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