Bloody Mary Search Back On! 

It’s been awhile since I have posted due to a variety of reasons that are not that good. Hopefully you have been following me on Twitter and Instagram to keep up with my adventures! Here is a quick run through of a few places I have been.

Anvil Pub Dallas….mediocre at best. They are supposed to have an over the top selection on weekends but won’t serve during the week. That was a disappointment and this mix was too. Just Zing Zang in a glass.  #bloodymary #bloodymarydallas

Gladstones #legendarymary #longbeach #bloodymary Add a side of their Steamers and enjoy a great view! A #bloodymary that drinks like a meal!

When you are wined out in wine country you need to head to The Market in Yountville, CA and get some excellent fish tacos and #bloodymary #bloodymarynapa
The 20 Minute #bloodymary at Murphy’s in Sonoma Square. Get a pint while you wait for this massive Mary. Add a plate on the side to Noah on the Bacon, Fried Pickles, Hamburger Slider, Cucumber and Olives. It is a spicy, briney concoction with a Guiness floater on top. #bestbloodymarysonoma

In OC their are many claims to fame as the best Bloody Mary but Reunion comes very close! The Jalepeno Popper maybe the reason I liked this so much. #bestbloodymaryoc #orangecountybloodymary #bloodymary

Todd English Build Your Own Bloody Mary in Las Vegas. What makes this special? The huge menu and how quickly you can escalate the cost of your drink. But who can resist Lobster. #bestbloodymarylasvegas #bloodymary

My new favorite Brewery and they make a stellar #bloodymarymix. Head to SD and taste their amazing selection of brews. Especially their Salt and Peppa which is great as a Michelada. I am so so excited they are opening a joint in Long Beach as I will be a regular. And stocking up on this mix. #bestbloodymarymix #bloodymary #bestbloodymarysandiego

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Smokin’ Good BBQ and Mary in D-Town!

We all know that Texas is known for its Barbecue. That is a given and this trip was a delightful culinary exploration for the Bloody Mary Tourist.  An industry event was held at the Dallas Convention Center and the Omni hotel this week which is what brought me back to Dallas. We had the pleasure of enjoying a delightful farm to table restaurant at the Omni called Texas Spice which served up some amazing Brisket, Corn Bread and oddly enough…the best Ahi Tartar Tacos I have ever had that had a Chili Oil and Cilantro Pesto drizzled on top. Drool worthy.

There was one destination on my list that I knew I had to get my taste buds to. Smoke. It is just a bit outside downtown but very worth of its drive.  I found it searching Yelp and it really intrigued me. They had me hooked at their Tim’s Homemade Mix which was spicy fire roasted Tomatoes and Chili’s mixed in a blend of spices with Olive juice and I can only speculate they added their smoky and spicy vinegar.



It packed a punch for sure! It is a salt lick so just be prepared with a glass of water (or Beer) when you slug this down. And slug you will. WOW! The endorphins were sparked at first sip. It is not an overwhelming amount of spice but it will linger sip after sip and accelerates as you bite into the pickled spicy garnishes. A skewer is placed on your glass carrying a bread and butter Pickle slice, pickled Carrot and a roasted and pickled Jalapeno. The rimmed is rubbed with salts and chili spices.



It really was one of the best I have had in a few weeks of travel and I would dare to say this modernized smokehouse is one I would love to be back to as it may be a top 10 Bloody Mary I have tried. I could only imagine what it was like paired with the Saturday and Sunday Brunch. You can agree that Brisket Hash sounds pretty damn delicious!

I myself partook in their All Natural Pulled Whole Hog Sandwich that is on a Brioche Bun and with a scoop of Blue Cheese Cole Slaw atop the meat. Pair it with their honey mustard spicy BBQ sauce and you will not be disappointed. I didn’t just stop there as I wanted to try all of their sauces that they make in house. Finger licking good!



This is a must go to destination and one I will always run back to when in D-Town. Oh Mamma!

The Layover: Yee Haw and Nǐ hǎo in Dallas

Welcome to a nice and unexpected destination on a layover. Ling and Louie’s in DFW. For you layman, this is Dallas Fort Worth International-hella big-over the top-lost in space airport and sister of Atlanta and Chicago for consuming travelers. Oy. I now know why there is a long layover at these places. Dude, it takes days to get from one side to the other. When a tram is necessary or a McDonald’s wrapped golf cart is necessary to get you to gate to gate you know you are screwed.

I flocked in from SJC to the DFW on my way to CHS. I was dropped off in DFW and found my way to Ling and Louie’s. It seemed like the better choice of options for a long layover. An Asian fusion restaurant that has setting areas with plugs. Who knew that plugs would be the top amenity over anything else in life?  I rate places HIGHER when this is a part of my experience.

Ling and Louie's Chris Card at DFW

Ling and Louie’s Chris Card at DFW


I sat down and was immediately locked and loaded with a Bloody Mary on the way from a handsome waiter named Chris. (Whose card said…”Rice to meet you.” Ok, not the most PC but, dude. it is Texas.) I recall this gentleman as he had a great smile and dropped his card like it was hot on my table. Yes, I did take a photo:)

I scanned the menu and zoomed in on the Tuna Tartar Tacos….ummm, yeah…there is another blog for Tuna Tartar in my future. And I asked if their Bloody Mary was good? Chris smiled and said I wouldn’t be disappointed and it was extraordinary for an airport. My interest was piqued and it could be from the friendly flirtation on the side that influenced me.

The Bloody arrived….sweet baby Jesus. This ain’t no normal bullshit airport Bloody Mary. Spiced rim. Bok Choy leaf in lieu of Celery. Garnishes were a slice of Jalapeno, Rep Pepper ring, Olive, a Lime wedge and seasoned with Siriacha and Black Pepper, Lime juice, Olive juice were, also, included and I am sure more than I can taste. Hooey, Yippee Kay Yeah, Boot Scooting Boogie good for an Airport Bloody Mary. May all ye after you be as good.

Ling and Louie Bloody Mary

Ling and Louie Bloody Mary

The food was delicious too. Frankly, it was the best, intelligent cuisine at an Airport. The menu was large and sophisticated. The flavors were bold and well built. It’s shocking that it wasn’t busier as I saw other “chains” filled and I wanted to scream at the patrons. THERE IS BETTER FOOD! DO NOT SETTLE FOR MEDIOCRITY! Ling and Louie’s found a return customer in me.

庆祝   http://dallas.lingandlouies.com/