Viva Hash House A Go Go

Conventions and conferences. Mere reasons to write off a business trip and become consumed with a few hours of networking, smidge of learning and staying up all night acting like you have to do everything in Vegas before you leave. This is where you take clients out to the hot clubs and get table service, dine at beautiful restaurants and act like a glutton. All to entertain and give back to your customers and allow yourself to indulge.

The BLT HH Mary

The BLT HH Mary

I know there are many choices for  a great Bloody Mary in Vegas. I mean it should be a law of Vegas that you cannot serve a bad Bloody Mary. Like a Nevada Gaming Law. If you are going to keep me up all night and drink to excess I do require you to serve me a rejuvenating “hair of the dog” Bloody Mary.

I had popped into Gordon Ramsey’s new place at Caesar’s called Pub & Grille with a couple of co-workers and was delighted by their mix. Simple flavors but balanced with Worcestershire and fresh tomato juice and spices. Added bonus was the friendly service and comfortable atmosphere.  Go  check it out if you haven’t been there.

The real destination was to get over to Hash House A-Go-Go as I have seen it on several travel shows. They serve up a BLT Bloody Mary. Just as it sounds it is a slice of bacon, a slice of tomato, a piece of Romaine lettuce and  toast all served in the glass rimmed with bacon salt. A balanced mix accompanies this meal, I mean drink. Hints of jalapeno infused into the tomato juice. Not too much spice to knock your socks off. It was definitely balanced and well worth the search  inside The Quad. (It is NOT easy to find. It is hidden inside The Quad which is a really odd place. Really. Odd.)

The food here is pretty epic. Corned beef hash served in a monstrous skillet. Pancakes the size of a small child.  Chicken and waffles with a sprig of Rosemary. You have to go here to experience the food and be sure to check out the BLT Mary.

More from Vegas later on in the blog!