Take a Look at the Nook Atlanta


It’s all about the nookie! Or just The Nook in Atlanta, GA. Had a business trip that brought to me to the land of Peaches. As I started to research my trip I found the one place I would go in this great city to enjoy a Bloody Mary. is usually my go to as many folks do to identify the joints that serve up delicious and robust Mary’s (or identify which ones make you want to turn into Walter from Big Lebowski). This time I went to Google and low and behold we have the Granddaddy Champion of Ultimate Bloody Mary’s in the country. You see kids, today it is all about making the Bloody Mary the most over the top drink to attract nuts like me who will pay an unholy amount of money to say they have had one and got the picture, too. This is one of those moments. At a steeping $18 I bellied up to this local favorite. Thanks for hooking me or suckering meĀ

So, my friend and I had a whole weekend in Atlanta planned. He is local so he knew all the good spots to hit for my quick weekend. Follow Bourdain where he would go and other Food Network and Travel Channel celebs. Fat Matt’s for BBQ, JCT’s for fried chicken, Ormsby’s for drinks, Goin Coastal for great food and The Vortex…just to experience it etc. Then hit the best of Atlanta like the Aquarium, catch a Falcon’s game at the Georgia Dome and visit the, never to be repeated, Claremont Lounge.

The Nook. A non-assuming establishment in Mid Town that you would almost fly by if you didn’t know where it was. Not only known for the ridiculous Bloody Mary but truly known for their Tater Tots or Tatchos (imagine Tater Tots and Nachos having a ababy). Who knew Tater Tot’s were so attractive! The interior is like we were in some old house with a really large enclosed front patio for diners to sit at. Cozy. Comfortable.

I order this mammoth concoction that pictures (mine included) do not fully portray the size of this drink. “That’s no moon, It’s a Space Station.” It is 16 oz of booze in an extra large schooner that is the size of a fish bowl. Now, sit back and relax. This drink is going to take some time….15 minutes to make. No joke. This is a made to order Bloody Mary. “Dude, isn’t it just a bunch of garnishes?” No, dude. Let’s run it down for y’all.

Bacon (of course)
A skewer of their famous Tater Tots
A skewer of marinated steak chunks
Slice of dry white toast (for my brother…I was waiting to see if four chickens and coke came with it too)
Hard-boiled egg
Something that resembled a Slim Jim but was called a “Beef Straw”

Now, the best part of this experience is my friend didn’t budget time accordingly and he informs me when served we had less than 15 minutes to finish this Jabba the Hut drink as we have reservations at the Aquarium. So, this experience also became a “Drink Challenge” for me. Some garnishes were left behind in this challenge but I am never one to leave a drink behind. I think that should be scored as a success. Now, my head and stomach may disagree but made it through the Aquarium with flying colors after my fish bowl delight.

Was it worth it? Yes and no. Remember, it is for show. I didn’t get why a boiled egg was included. I did see another couple share it and make it into a breakfast meal. The egg was left behind, the tots were shared with my friend and were good, the sirloin was “meh” and left behind. The bacon…well we all know no one leaves bacon behind. A bite of the toast was taken.

Let’s remove all of the supporting cast members so we may focus on the review of the main attraction. How was the Bloody Mary? I’d give it 2 out of 5 Tater Tots as a review. I think it was a mild (slightly bland) house made mix but would not be one you would want to order without the distractions of the condiments piled high. Was it worth the $18? Well, that is debatable. Sure it was. My friends on Facebook and Instagram all loved seeing the pic and got a giggle from this monster. I was happy to add it to my adventures but not one I would repeat. Which is ok in my book.

So, for Atlanta: It ain’t all about the nookie:) Such is life.