Pardon Me, Bub. Chicago. 

Back in my hometown of Chicago. There is a new place to go for BBQ, ‘Merica and a Bloody Mary. This was a recommendation by some pals who enjoy a good Bloody. Thanks to for the tip.

I headed to the across the River and felt like I stepped into something that was more Texas than downtown achievable for sure. Especially the wall of Budweiser and Bud Light cans creating an American Flag mural. I felt like Toby Keith may jump out at any moment and start singing “I love this Bar” but I digress.

Now, I am a bit bummed I am reviewing this on a weekday as they weekend Bloody Mary bar is regarded as pretty stellar. Go read Bloody Best to get the full run down as it would be plagiarism from me. Nonetheless, I saddled up to the bar and soaked in the smells of BBQ and took in a Cubs game on tv.

The Bloody was filled with my favorite…pickled garnishes. And a side car of a pony Miller High Life. I wish this trend would catch on in California. The house mix is a perfect pairing of fresh tomato juice and the variety of spices you know to be used in their BBQ rubs and sauces. Layers of smokey flavors, spice and everything you come to enjoy in a Bloody Mary and BBQ.

Well worth the visit and the food lives up to the reviews. But hey….I am no food critic. Unless it is topped on my Bloody Mary.

“Best Bloody Mary Chicago”


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